hotel WiFi Hotspot Management Software

WiFi Hotspot Management Software

This application gives total control of a WiFi network by regulating the system with a set of protocols based on the user requirements like free access, paid access via vouchers, limited access depending on the premises, utility and other functions. The application enables:A centralized hotspot connectivity, billing and management solutions for broadband providers.Reduces the challenges in deploying and managing public Internet access (hotspot) offerings in a small or larger geographic area by providing centralized management and billing solution.The application centralizes AAA functions by interacting with a secure RADIUS server.It supports web based user authentication using usernames and passwords and has the ability to create configurable billing plans and tariffs for each hotspots.

This is completely a web-based services and hence it takes out the hassle for installing any application in the client end. The web pages also provide sufficient branding space to increase the mileage.It has a powerful admin functionality which can be utilized to view the usage statistics, calculation of the bandwidth utility at each hotspots, etc.It helps in a very simplified generation of prepaid accounts, voucher tickets with accessibility options on daily limits for downloads, time and data.


Easy to create prepaid accounts or voucher tickets

Free access with daily limits on download, time and data

Remote Hotspot operator for front-desk staff

Requires the user to accept terms before the sessions

Collects guest data (name, Email, address, contact numbers)

Web based Customer login

Full compliance to standards

Web Based Administration, Viewing Reports and user support