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Linux Support

Hykster Technologies System Administration and Server Monitoring Team can help you worry less about IT and spend more time running your business. Small and medium businesses can fare well in today's tough economy by outsourcing their System Administration, Server Monitoring and IT related problems. We believe in open source technology and provide result oriented solutions using open source software.

With our System Administration and open source consulting services, you can be assured to get the right solution for your business.We are proud to have been involved in the Linux movement since it's early days, and have developed a reputation as experts in all phases of network and server technologies that have Linux at their heart

Hykster Technologies is familiar with every variety of Linux Os including CentOs,Ubuntu,Fedora,Redhat,Debian,and more.Additionally,We have helped enterprises integrate a whole multitude of Linux applications.

If you or your company is interested in having our team set up your Linux system(s), maintain existing installations, or if you need us to provide support for all versions of Linux operating systems please feel free to contact our sales department at

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Server Monitoring

With our excellent server monitoring technologies, you can be confident that your servers and their services are working efficiently. Further, we will also provide you with a web interface to view your server health and alert you with notifications as and when required. Key Features: Monitor database servers (MYSQL) and application server. Monitors system/server health. Alert notification via email. Proper graphing of services associated with host like disk usage, memory usage, ping response etc.

Mail Server and Groupware Service

We use secure linux servers as our mail server which decreases the chance of intrusion and spamming. Key features of our mail server are: It includes domain and account management, Web-client, accounts management, LDAP support and a powerful & flexible rules system. Spam filter to identify spam and reject/accept mail on basis of updated spam rules to their corresponding scores. Virus Scanning. Redirecting of emails. Auto reply on emails. Along with the above, we can provide you with a calendar system called groupware that can help you to schedule your tasks, meetings and sync them automatically to your mail system.

Backup Solutions

In today's competitive business world, data Backup Solutionsholds significant value and its of paramount importance for businesses to ensure that they have a data back up solution in place.We at Hykster can assist to keep your data safe from any kind of disaster strike or loss. We provide you data backup solutions to safeguard your data. Following are the features of web based data backup & recovery process that can be managed from a web interface: Stop/Start Backup Server Summary Hosts Summary Users are sent periodic email reminders if their PC has not recently been backed up. Email content, timing and policies are configurable. A full set of restore options is supported, including direct restore (via smbclient, tar, or rsync/rsyncd) or downloading a zip or tar file.