cabletv-broadband-provisioinig and billing

Broadband Provisioning & Billing System

A preferred choice for Cable TV Broadband startups, Hykster helps you quickly start, grow and develop into a full ISP. Hykster Cable TV Broadband Billing software is designed with your needs in mind, so you can easily install and configure, and manage your Cable TV Broadband business without paying a fortune. It includes prepaid & postpaid features, subscriptions, vouchers, credit card billing, real-time statistics and usage reports and all features that simplifies your every day tasks, saving you time and money.

This is a Complete Linux based solution from Hykster. The authentication mechanism is Username/Password. This base version supports 1000 users. This can easily scale up to 5000 concurrent users without any problem.Hykster provides centralized hotspot connectivity, billing and management solutions for Cable TV Broadband providers.Upon accessing your network, customer is automatically redirected to your self-branded login page to signup or login with an account. After initial login, customer will no longer be prompted for username and password. Hykster Cable TV Broadband Billing software controls the duration, speed and bandwidth by the customer account level or payment. You can decide how to charge for access to your network. Charge by data transfer, specified time usage, or download and upload rate. You can configure price plans, packages, services, prepaid vouchers, discounts customize invoices.

Benefits of Hykster Cable TV Broadband Billing software :

Web based Customer login

Full compliance to standards

High performance

Web Based Administration, Viewing Reports and user support.

Setup different Internet packages with your own pricing

You can easily integrate your existing cable tv network

Download and upload rate control per account